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Orchids & Greens in Large White Pot

Orchids & Greens in Large White Pot

Orchids & Greens in Large White Pot


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A Roger's Gardens Original Design featuring Orchids & Greens in Large White Pot is an exquisite gift choice for any special occasion. The elegance of orchids, with their delicate and sophisticated blooms, symbolizes luxury, strength, and beauty, making this arrangement a significant and heartfelt gesture. Paired with a large white metal planter, the orchids' vibrant colors and graceful silhouettes are further accentuated, creating a stunning visual impact. This contemporary and stylish presentation not only complements any interior decor but also transforms the orchids into a statement piece, reflecting the thoughtfulness and good taste of the giver.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this gift is also a testament to longevity and growth. Orchids are known for their resilience and long-lasting blooms, offering a gift that continues to give beauty and joy over time. The orchids & greens in large white pot provides a sturdy and elegant home for the orchids, ensuring their health and vitality. This thoughtful combination of orchids in a beautiful planter makes for a gift that is both luxurious and nurturing, symbolizing a lasting relationship and the continuous growth of affection and care. It's a perfect way to express love, appreciation, or congratulations to that special someone in your life.

Each plant in this arrangement can be removed and planted elsewhere or replaced as needed. Our living arrangements are lined inside with waterproof florists' foil to keep tables and counters dry (although extra precaution is strongly advised).

Dimensions: 10"W x 34"H x 10"D

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