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Bugadier Pot Yellow Collar Provence Patina

Bugadier Pot Yellow Collar Provence Patina

Bugadier Pot Yellow Collar Provence Patina



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Anduze, located in the South of France, is renowned for its pottery and has a rich history of ceramic craftsmanship. The pottery of the Madeleine, where your pot was hand-made, is known for producing high-quality pieces using traditional techniques. Hand-crafting pottery allows for a unique and individual touch, making each piece truly special.

The use of natural clay adds to the authenticity and charm of the pot. Clay is a versatile material that has been used for centuries in pottery making. It has the ability to retain heat and moisture, making it suitable for various purposes such as cooking, serving, or simply as a decorative item.

The flame-glazed finish adds a distinctive touch to the pot. Flame glazing involves exposing the pottery to intense heat, which creates beautiful and unpredictable patterns on the surface of the clay. This technique can result in unique and mesmerizing designs that enhance the visual appeal of the pot.

This traditional pot made with natural clay and flame-glazed finish represents the craftsmanship and artistic heritage of Anduze and the pottery of the Madeleine. It is not only a functional item but also a beautiful work of art that can bring a touch of elegance and authenticity to any space.

Size: 60cm H x 60cm D - 45kg

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