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Monterey B.T. Biological Insecticide Organic Ready to Spray - 32oz

Monterey B.T. Biological Insecticide Organic Ready to Spray - 32oz



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Monterey B.T. Biological Insecticide Organic is an exceptional product for the protection of your plants against harmful insect pests. This organic insecticide contains Bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacterium that specifically targets and eliminates caterpillars and worms without harming beneficial insects or the environment. The formulation is highly effective in controlling pest populations, providing reliable and long-lasting defense for your plants.

Monterey's commitment to organic practices ensures that this product is free from synthetic chemicals, making it safe for use on edible crops and ornamentals. With Monterey B.T. Biological Insecticide, you can confidently protect your plants from pests while maintaining a healthy and environmentally friendly garden.

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