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Palm Fan

Palm Fan

Palm Fan


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A natural and dyed palm leaf fan with a bamboo trunk handle from Cambodia is a perfect summer gift, combining practicality with artistry. The fan’s intricate design showcases traditional Cambodian craftsmanship, with vibrant dyed patterns adding a splash of color to the natural palm leaves. The sturdy bamboo handle provides a comfortable grip, making it both a functional and elegant accessory for warm weather.

This beautifully crafted fan not only offers a refreshing breeze on hot days but also serves as a unique decorative piece. Its cultural authenticity and handmade quality make it a thoughtful and memorable gift. Giving this fan demonstrates a deep appreciation for artisanal work and provides the recipient with a stylish way to stay cool, embodying the essence of summer elegance.

Diameter when open: 24 cm

Note: that there may be irregularities in the wood and in the palm leaf slats because our fans are handmade in a traditional way with naturally irregular and unique elements.

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