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Red Delicious Apple - Tree - 10 Gallon

Red Delicious Apple - Tree - 10 Gallon

Red Delicious Apple - Tree - 10 Gallon



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This is America's favorite snacking Apple! Prepare yourself for an extra crunchy, mildly sweet, flavorful apple; home grown Red Delicious are much tastier than those you will find in the supermarket. Vigorous trees produce lots of juicy, sweet fruit that keeps well. Harvest in September and October. Recommended chilling: 900 hours.

Plant Type: Tree
Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous
Flowering Time: Spring
Landscape Size: Moderate growing; reaches 12 to 16 ft. tall, 10 to 14 ft. wide.
Watering Details: Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Plant Zone: 9
Size: #10 Gallon Container*
Delivery: Direct From Roger's Gardens Professionals**

* In-Store Pickup Available - Fees May Apply
* Delivery in Orange County, CA Only: Available Monday - Saturday

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