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Uni-Gro Vermiculite - 4qt

Uni-Gro Vermiculite - 4qt

Uni-Gro Vermiculite - 4qt



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Uni-Gro Vermiculite is the perfect nutrient for your garden, offering an array of benefits that foster healthy plant growth. This premium vermiculite blend improves soil aeration and moisture retention, creating a favorable environment for roots to thrive. Its lightweight nature enhances drainage and prevents soil compaction, allowing for optimal nutrient uptake.

Uni-Gro Vermiculite also acts as an insulator, protecting plants from temperature fluctuations and root damage. It is suitable for various gardening applications, such as seed starting, propagation, and amending soil. By incorporating Uni-Gro Vermiculite into your garden, you provide your plants with the perfect nutrient for strong root development, improved water management, and overall plant vitality.

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