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Uni-Gro Horticultural Sand - 1qt

Uni-Gro Horticultural Sand - 1qt

Uni-Gro Horticultural Sand - 1qt



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Uni-Gro Sand is the perfect nutrient for your garden due to its exceptional qualities. This premium sand blend offers numerous benefits, including improved soil structure, enhanced drainage, and optimal aeration for healthy root development. Its composition promotes nutrient absorption, ensuring plants receive essential elements for growth.

Uni-Gro Sand also helps prevent compaction and erosion while retaining moisture in the soil, contributing to the overall health and vitality of your garden. With its versatile application, Uni-Gro Sand is suitable for various gardening needs, including potting, top-dressing, and landscaping. By incorporating Uni-Gro Sand into your garden, you can create an environment where plants thrive, resulting in lush foliage and bountiful blooms.

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