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Big Zac - 4" Pot

Big Zac - 4" Pot

Big Zac - 4" Pot


A Minimum of 4 Tomatoes, Mixed or Matched, per Order

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The Big Zac Tomato is renowned in the gardening world for its impressively large fruits, which have been known to reach record-breaking weights. This indeterminate variety was developed through selective breeding of two giant tomato varieties, and it's celebrated for producing enormous, beefsteak-type tomatoes. The fruits can weigh anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds or even more under optimal conditions. Big Zac tomatoes are not just about size; they also offer a classic, rich tomato flavor with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, making them ideal for slicing and using in a variety of culinary dishes.

Growing Big Zac Tomatoes can be an exciting challenge for gardeners aiming for size. These plants require plenty of space, rich soil, and consistent care, including regular feeding and watering, to produce their giant fruits. The plants are generally vigorous growers and may need extra support to handle the weight of the tomatoes. Maturing in about 80 to 85 days, Big Zac Tomatoes are a favorite among competitive gardeners and those who love making a statement in their vegetable garden. This variety exemplifies the extraordinary possibilities of tomato cultivation, combining remarkable size with delicious flavor.

Tomatoes are in limited supply and subject to weather and growing conditions. Individual plants may vary in size from variety description. Seedlings are in limited supply and variety availability may vary.

Type: Beefsteak
Class: Open-Pollinated
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 80

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* Individual plants may vary in size from the variety description. Seedlings are in limited supply and variety availability may vary.

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