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Old German - 4" Pot

Old German - 4" Pot

Old German - 4" Pot


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The Old German Tomato, a cherished heirloom variety, is renowned for its unique and striking appearance. These tomatoes are characterized by their large size, often exceeding a pound, and their distinctive bi-colored flesh. The interior showcases vibrant hues of yellow and red, creating a visually stunning display on the plate. Beyond its captivating appearance, this tomato boasts a rich, sweet flavor with a hint of tartness, making it a favorite among tomato enthusiasts.

Growing Old German Tomatoes requires attention to specific conditions. These plants thrive in full sunlight and well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. Regular watering and support for the heavy fruit are essential for a successful harvest. The Old German Tomato typically matures later in the season, rewarding patient gardeners with an abundant yield of these delicious, multi-colored treasures. Whether sliced in salads, used in sauces, or enjoyed fresh from the vine, Old German Tomatoes offer a unique and delightful addition to any garden and kitchen.

Type: Beefsteak
Class: Heirloom
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 75

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