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7 Pot Douglah - 4" Pot

7 Pot Douglah - 4" Pot

7 Pot Douglah - 4" Pot


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The rarest and hottest of the 7 Pot strains! This pepper is the 3rd hottest pepper in the world, behind the Carolina Reaper at #1 and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion at #2. Characterized by a dark brown or deep purple skin, when you cut into it you will see pools of liquid capsacin oils. That's a lot of heat!

Peppers from the Caribbean are known for their vibrant flavor, intense heat, and versatility in cooking. The cuisine of Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Haiti, and Cuba, is heavily influenced by African, indigenous Taino, Spanish, and French cultures, leading to a unique fusion of flavors and spices. The fiery Scotch Bonnet pepper is a staple in Caribbean cuisine and imparts a unique blend of sweet and heat to dishes.

Other popular Caribbean peppers include the Habanero, the Yellow Scotch Bonnet, and the Red Peppa. The use of peppers in Caribbean cooking has a long history, with many indigenous and African traditions being passed down through generations. The bold flavor, cultural significance, and versatility of Caribbean peppers make them truly special and sought after by food lovers and culinary enthusiasts.

Pepper Origin: Caribbean
Spice Level: Super Hot
Scoville Heat Units: 900,000-1,850,000
Fruit Size: Small

* Due to the uncontrollable nature of growing plants, some varieties will not make the grade. We will do our best to fulfill your complete order. We will also automatically refund you for any tomatoes or peppers that are not available.

* Individual plants may vary in size from the variety description. Seedlings are in limited supply and variety availability may vary.

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