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Travel Bag Carla - Linen & Leather from Recycled Sails - #2

Travel Bag Carla - Linen & Leather from Recycled Sails - #2

Travel Bag Carla - Linen & Leather from Recycled Sails - #2


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Inspired by the Laïta estuary in Brittany, France, where the land meets the sea, our Into The Wild collection embraces the ever-changing colors of mother nature. Ready to step off the beaten path?

Made from 100% recycled sail, the Carla travelbag from the Into The Wild collection oozes authenticity and will seduce you with its perfect cut and high-quality confection.

The Carla is a stylish and large travel bag, perfect to pack all your belongings for your trips. Its size is cabin approved. It is made of a beige linen base, white recycled sailcloth and a large khaki leather “2”, sewn with our iconic zigzag stitch.

An authentication card is sewn inside and certifies the origin of the sail.

Dacron Sail:

This product is made from a sail in dacron, that has cruised ! Dacron is a polyester fiber that is not very sensitive to ultraviolet rays and bad weather. Dacron sails are chosen for their resistance, to equip mainly dinghies and cruising boats.

In our workshop in Lorient, Brittany, we collect sails every day. Through these sails, singular stories of navigations. Each sail has its own story, and you can learn about it on the authentication sheet that you can find on most of our products. By giving a second life to the these sails, we commit for the preservation of the environment.

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