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Persimmon 'Fuyu - Jiro' - #5 Gallon

Persimmon 'Fuyu - Jiro' - #5 Gallon

Persimmon 'Fuyu - Jiro' - #5 Gallon



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Chill Time Chill Time
Sun Time Mature Height and Width
Water Time Fruit Harvest Time

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Mature Height & Width Mature Height & Width
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The 'Fuyu-Jiro' persimmon is a popular variety known for its unique characteristics and delicious fruit. It is a non-astringent persimmon, which means the fruit can be enjoyed while still firm and crisp, without the need for ripening or softening. The 'Fuyu-Jiro' persimmon has a distinct flat shape and a vibrant orange color when fully ripe. Its flavor is pleasantly sweet with a hint of honey and a mild, tropical undertone. The tree itself is relatively small and compact, making it suitable for home gardens and smaller spaces. It is also known for its ease of care and productivity. The 'Fuyu-Jiro' persimmon tree is self-fertile, meaning it can produce fruit without the need for cross-pollination. It is a hardy and adaptable tree that can thrive in a variety of climates. With its delicious fruit and compact growth habit, the 'Fuyu-Jiro' persimmon is a delightful addition to any fruit garden or landscape.

Region: Inland
Chill Hours: 150-250
Fruit Harvest Time: October-November
Mature Height: 25-30 FT
Mature Width: 25-30 FT
Sun Exposure: Sun
Evergreen / Deciduous: Deciduous

Size: #5 Gallon Container Gallon *
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