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Beefmaster - 1 Gallon

Beefmaster - 1 Gallon

Beefmaster - 1 Gallon


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The Beefmaster Tomato is a popular variety among gardeners and cooks for its large, juicy fruits and robust flavor. This hybrid, indeterminate tomato is known for producing significantly sized beefsteak-type tomatoes, often weighing up to a pound or more. The fruits are round, with a vibrant red skin and a meaty texture, making them ideal for slicing. The Beefmaster's rich, classic tomato flavor is well-balanced, with a good blend of sweetness and acidity, making it perfect for sandwiches, salads, and cooking, where its size and taste can truly shine.

In terms of cultivation, the Beefmaster Tomato is a vigorous grower, requiring ample support due to the weight of its fruits. It typically begins to bear fruit around 80 to 85 days after planting, and with proper care, the plants can produce a plentiful harvest throughout the growing season. This variety is valued for its resistance to common tomato diseases and its adaptability to various growing conditions, making it a suitable choice for both experienced and novice gardeners. The Beefmaster Tomato stands out as a reliable and rewarding variety, offering both impressive size and delightful flavor in each fruit.

Type: Beefsteak
Class: Hybrid
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 80

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