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Sweet Hearts - Dwarf - 1 Gallon

Sweet Hearts - Dwarf - 1 Gallon

Sweet Hearts - Dwarf - 1 Gallon


A Minimum of 4 Tomatoes, Mixed or Matched, per Order

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The Sweet Hearts Tomato is a delightful and flavorful variety, known for its small, heart-shaped fruits. These tomatoes are distinguished by their deep red color and their distinctive heart-like shape, making them a visually appealing addition to any dish. They are a type of cherry tomato, yet they stand out due to their unique form and size, which is slightly larger than the average cherry tomato. Sweet Hearts Tomatoes are celebrated for their exceptionally sweet flavor, which is more concentrated and sugary compared to other tomato varieties. This sweetness is complemented by a juicy and succulent texture, making them a favorite for both raw and cooked applications.

In culinary uses, Sweet Hearts Tomatoes are highly versatile. They can be used fresh in salads, where their sweetness and attractive appearance can be showcased, or cooked in a variety of dishes where they add a burst of flavor and color. They are also popular in garnishes, as a snack, or in appetizers where their unique shape and taste can be enjoyed. For gardeners, these tomatoes are a desirable choice due to their ease of growth and their ability to thrive in a range of climates. They are resistant to many common tomato pests and diseases, making them a robust and rewarding variety to cultivate.

Type: Grape
Class: Hybrid
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 65

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* Due to the uncontrollable nature of growing plants, some varieties will not make the grade. We will do our best to fulfill your complete order. We will also automatically refund you for any tomatoes that are not available.

* Individual plants may vary in size from the variety description. Seedlings are in limited supply and variety availability may vary.

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