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Black Cherry - 4" Pot

Black Cherry - 4" Pot

Black Cherry - 4" Pot


A Minimum of 4 Tomatoes, Mixed or Matched, per Order

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The Black Cherry Tomato is a highly regarded variety known for its unique color and rich flavor. This indeterminate tomato plant yields small, cherry-sized fruits that boast a striking, deep purple-black hue, a result of high anthocyanin content, which is an antioxidant also found in blueberries. These tomatoes are as delicious as they are beautiful, offering a complex flavor profile that is both sweet and smoky, making them a favorite for snacking, salads, and culinary creations where they add both a burst of flavor and a dramatic visual appeal.

In the garden, Black Cherry Tomato plants are vigorous and prolific, often requiring staking or caging to support their heavy yields. The plants typically start to produce fruits within 65 to 75 days after planting and continue to yield abundantly throughout the growing season. Gardeners value this variety for its ease of growth and adaptability to various climates. The Black Cherry Tomato's combination of stunning appearance, delightful taste, and robust growth habit make it a must-have for tomato enthusiasts and a standout in any vegetable garden.

Type: Cherry
Class: Open-Pollinated
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 65

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* Individual plants may vary in size from the variety description. Seedlings are in limited supply and variety availability may vary.

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