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Jersey Devil - 4" Pot

Jersey Devil - 4" Pot

Jersey Devil - 4" Pot


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The Jersey Devil Tomato, known for its distinctive horn-like shape, is a unique heirloom variety cherished by tomato enthusiasts. Its elongated, pointed fruits, resembling chili peppers, boast a vibrant red color and smooth, firm texture. This variety is celebrated for its rich, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor profile, making it a favorite for sauces, salsas, and fresh eating. Each fruit typically measures about 5 to 6 inches in length, offering a meaty and juicy bite with few seeds.

Cultivating the Jersey Devil Tomato requires standard tomato growing conditions, including full sun exposure and well-drained soil. These indeterminate plants are prolific producers, offering a generous yield throughout the growing season. Gardeners appreciate their vigorous growth and resistance to common tomato diseases. The Jersey Devil Tomato's unique appearance and delightful taste make it a standout in home gardens and farmers' markets, attracting those looking for a tomato with both visual appeal and exceptional flavor.

Type: Roma/Paste
Class: Heirloom
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 80

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