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Bianca Eau De Parfum - 1.7 fl oz

Bianca Eau De Parfum - 1.7 fl oz

Bianca Eau De Parfum - 1.7 fl oz


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Bianca Eau De Parfum from Tocca stands out as a captivating bath & body gift, perfect for that special someone in your life. Its intricate blend of fragrances is inspired by the refreshing scents of tea gardens and citrus groves, offering a light and revitalizing aroma. The top notes of bergamot and lavender, combined with a heart of rose petals and jasmine, create a sophisticated and alluring scent. This perfume is more than just a fragrance; it's an experience, transporting the wearer to a serene, elegant world with every spritz.

The presentation of Bianca Eau De Parfum is equally impressive. Housed in a delicately designed bottle that reflects Tocca's signature style of femininity and luxury, it adds an element of grace to any dressing table. Gifting this perfume signifies a thoughtful gesture, acknowledging the recipient's refined taste and love for luxury. It's an ideal choice for someone who cherishes unique, high-quality fragrances and enjoys the feeling of sophistication and elegance that comes with wearing a carefully crafted scent.

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