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California Summers Large Jar

California Summers Large Jar

California Summers Large Jar


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The California Summers Candle Collection from Voluspa makes amazing gifts for anyone during the beautiful summer season. Each candle in the collection captures the essence of a perfect California summer with scents that evoke sunlit beaches, blooming gardens, and refreshing coastal breezes. The high-quality wax and exquisite fragrance blends ensure a long-lasting and delightful aromatic experience that brings summer vibes indoors.

Beyond their captivating scents, these candles are beautifully packaged, adding a touch of elegance to any space. The vibrant designs and luxurious presentation make them ideal gifts that show thoughtfulness and care. Whether for a summer birthday, a thank-you gesture, or simply to brighten someone's day, the California Summers Candle Collection offers a sensory escape to warm, sunny days and cool, relaxing evenings.

Dimensions: 3.74 D x 5.28 H

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