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Succulents in Medium Round Metal Wall Planter - 13"dia

Succulents in Medium Round Metal Wall Planter - 13"dia

Succulents in Medium Round Metal Wall Planter - 13"dia


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Succulents in a round metal wall planter would be a perfect choice for outdoor decor during the summer months. The sleek and contemporary design of the metal planter would add a modern touch to any outdoor space, while the round shape adds a sense of harmony and balance. The vibrant hues and unique textures of the succulents would create a captivating display, capturing the essence of the summer season. Additionally, succulents are well-suited for the warm weather, as they thrive in sunlight and require minimal watering.

Their ability to withstand dry conditions makes them a low-maintenance and resilient choice for summer outdoor decor. The combination of the round metal planter and the lush succulents would create an eye-catching focal point that beautifully complements the natural surroundings, making it an ideal addition to any summer outdoor setting.

Dimensions: 13" Diameter

Each plant in this arrangement can be removed and planted elsewhere or replaced as needed. Our living arrangements are lined inside with waterproof florists' foil to keep tables and counters dry (although extra precaution is strongly advised). Plant selection based upon availability, but overall feel of the arrangement will remain the same.

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