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Disneyland - 5 Gallon

Disneyland - 5 Gallon

Disneyland - 5 Gallon


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Take home a bit of Disney Magic with this 'Disneyland' Rose.

As all Roger's Gardens roses, the Disneyland rose in no different when it comes to premium quality. The Disneyland rose is different, however, in its unique pattern and coloring; the 'Disneyland' rose almost seems to glow in its shades of sunset pinks and oranges. This rose can grow up to 3ft tall and 2ft across, with each bloom measuring to about 3in in diameter. Each plant is potted in a large, five Gallon pot unlike many distributors that sells these magical roses in two to three Gallon pots.

The official rose of the Disneyland® Resort. Wave after wave of incredibly vivid flowers.

Rose Class:  Floribunda
Flower Color: Apricot, Orange, Pink Blend
Fragrance: Slight
Disease Resistance: Very Strong
Climate Adaptability: Coastal
Mature Height: 4 to 6 FT
Mature Width: 4 to 6 FT
Size: 5 Gallon Container*

All roses are sold with a three-year plant guarantee.

* Actual weight may vary


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