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Chocolate Sprinkles - 4" Pot

Chocolate Sprinkles - 4" Pot

Chocolate Sprinkles - 4" Pot


A Minimum of 4 Tomatoes, Mixed or Matched, per Order

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The Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato is a captivating and flavorful variety that adds a touch of uniqueness to gardens and culinary creations. These indeterminate tomatoes are known for their small to medium size and distinctive appearance. The skin of Chocolate Sprinkles tomatoes is a rich, dark brown, resembling chocolate, and it's adorned with tiny, golden speckles or "sprinkles," which create a visually striking and almost whimsical effect. Beyond their eye-catching look, these tomatoes offer a delightful taste experience with a sweet, rich flavor that combines fruity notes with a hint of earthiness, making them an excellent choice for snacking, salads, and adding a touch of elegance to gourmet dishes.

Cultivating Chocolate Sprinkles Tomatoes is a rewarding endeavor. These plants typically start to bear fruit within 70 to 75 days after planting. They are known for their robust growth and adaptability to various growing conditions. Gardeners value the Chocolate Sprinkles variety not only for its flavor but also for the touch of sophistication it brings to both the garden and the kitchen, making it a unique and delightful addition to any vegetable patch or culinary creation.

Type: Cherry
Class: Hybrid
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 70

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