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Bronze Torch - 4" Pot

Bronze Torch - 4" Pot

Bronze Torch - 4" Pot


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The Bronze Torch Tomato is a captivating heirloom variety, celebrated for its unique appearance and exceptional flavor. This indeterminate tomato plant produces medium to large-sized fruits that are distinguished by their striking coloration. When ripe, the tomatoes exhibit a beautiful bronze to deep purplish hue with subtle green stripes. This stunning skin color contrasts elegantly with the deep red, meaty flesh inside. The Bronze Torch Tomato offers a rich, sweet flavor with a mild, smoky undertone, making it a sought-after choice for slicing, salads, and gourmet dishes.

In terms of growth, Bronze Torch plants are known for their vigorous and productive nature. They typically begin to bear fruit within 75 to 80 days after planting, offering a continuous harvest throughout the growing season. While staking or caging may be required due to their prolific fruiting, these tomatoes are prized for their adaptability and disease resistance, making them a reliable and rewarding choice for gardeners looking to add both color and flavor to their garden bounty. The Bronze Torch Tomato is not just a culinary delight; it's a visual masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance to any garden.

Type: Cherry
Class: Hybrid
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 65

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