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Lawn Maintenance & Climate Change

Provided by Jiahn Son of Princeton University Introduction In America, over 40 million acres of land are covered by lawn,...

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Perspective on the California Drought & Landscape Water Use

Report Provided by Mr. Donald R. Hodel & Mr. Dennis R. Pittenger of the University of California Cooperative Extension -...

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How to Care for Zucchini Plants and Other Summer Squashes

Zucchinis and summer squashes are hearty, nutritious, and versatile vegetables. They make fabulous additions to soups, roasted kabobs, and pasta—you...

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Arts & CraftsDIYEducationGardeningMoss Stake

Creating a Moss Pole for Staking Plants

Benefits of Staking There are many varieties of houseplants that are epiphytes, which means the plants typically use other larger...

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Houseplant Propagating Methods

Propagation Options: Propagating can be done in multiple ways but when it comes to houseplants, the two easiest options are...

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ORCHIDS 101: Soil Prep, Planting in Pots & Basic Maintenance

Orchids are one of the largest and oldest families of flowering plants in the world, with over 25,000 different species....

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Arts & CraftsDIYEducationEntertainingGardening

How to Build a Terrarium

Benefits of Terrariums: A terrarium has many benefits. It helps grow plants that have difficulty growing in dry air. Terrariums...

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Disneyland RoseEducationGardeningRoses

Rose Gardening: Varieties, Care & Maintenance, Rose of the Year

There are many rose varieties and so much to know about growing roses. Everyone has space for at least one...

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ConservationEarth DayEducationGardening

Earth Day
Conservation & What it Means for Nature

There are many ways to help our planet and sometimes it's the small gestures that not only help Mother Earth,...

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Culinary Gardening – Grow Your Own

Learn everything you need to know on how to have bountiful harvest from your culinary garden. Growing edible plants will...

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Gardening 101: Learn the Basics of Plant Selection and Planting

Learn simple steps on how to plant a garden from start to finish. Before bringing plants home, an important step...

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ConservationEducationMonarch Butterflies

Celebrating Monarch Butterflies and Support Monarch Conservation

Learn about the plight of the monarchs and the best way to help these butterflies. Planting and growing native milkweed...

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Everything You Need to Know About Caladium Care, Indoors or Out!

Caladiums are taking the design world by storm! These spectacular exotic plants have the most fascinating colors and details throughout...

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Everything You Need to Know About Worm Composting

All The Facts You Need to Know About Worm Composting Recycling your food scraps is no longer a niche preference...

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EducationGardeningRose of the YearRoses

Rose of the Year: Princesse Charlene de Monaco

There are so many beautiful roses to plant in California, but sometimes a variety appears that just takes your breath...

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Water Conservation Techniques

Keep Earth Happy: How to Conserve Water in Your Orange County Garden We see gardening as an exciting challenge where...

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David AustinDIYEducationGardeningRoses

David Austin Roses and How to Care for Them in California

David Austin is an award-winning breeder known for his outstanding roses that combine the beauty and fragrance of a classic...

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What Can I Plant with Milkweed?

Locally native Milkweed is an absolute must-have for California gardens—the fate of our monarch butterfly populations depends on it! You...

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Yves Piaget Rose Review

The Yves Piaget Rose has been getting a lot of attention lately, and many gardeners are curious if it lives...

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Everything You Need to Know About Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an essential part of growing healthy plants, but irresponsible use of synthetic formulas has led to some catastrophic...

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